Excitera Innovation Challenge

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13 March - 2014


31 March at 23:59 - 2014



Excitera Innovation Challenge 2014

Excitera Innovation Challenge is a contest where you get the chance to create a business idea based on latest research.

How do you compete in Excitera Innovation Challenge?

  1. Register yourself or your team at innovationchallenge@excitera.se deadline 31th march . EIC will help those who have declared themselves alone into teams.
  2. Attend the case presentations 28th march and get the oppertunity to find out more about the cases!
  3. Get together with you team and choose a case. “How can I apply this technique to a product or service? ” (Think creatively !)
  4. Write an innovation plan of your idea, deadline 3rd april 23.59. Description of how an innovation plan is written can be found here.
  5. Wait for a response if you moved on to the finals. If you ‘ve moved on you will get an invitation to the finals (9 th  April ) where you and your team gets to pitch your idea in front of the jury. Before the finale , the finalists will be offered to get pitch-exercise.
  6. If  you have an awesome idea and a succesful elevator pitch- then you’ve scooped 125 000  SEK and a place in the Student Inc!

 Ten important details you must know about the challenge 

1. Rules

  • Excitera Innovation Challenge is open to students throughout Sweden
  • Each team will consist of 2-4 people. You can participate either by register a complete team will consist 2-4 people or you can apply alone and EIC will put you together with 1-2 people. There is no possibility to compete completely alone.
  • At least one of the members in the participating team is a student.
  • For more information about research cases the participating team have to sign confidentiality agreements with case owner if he/she so wishes.
  • The researcher holds the right to the competition entry.
  • The participating team holds the right to the competition prize.

Details about the cases and the innovation plans are considered confidential , and participating teams can choose how much detail that are disclosed about their plan.

2. Prize

The winners of Excitera Innovation Challenge 2014 will recieve  the Next Step Award worth 100. 000 SEK from KTH Innovation that will support the winners to launch their service/product on the market. They will also recieve a check worth 25. 000 SEK from SEB and a consultation agreement worth 10.000 SEK from Awapatent that will help them to protect their idea from IP infringement.

3. Innovation Plan Checklist

The innovation plan is the document with which you will compete with in Excitera Innovation Challenge. It is a short version of a business plan and focuses mostly on the idea, the customer and the commercial application of the technology.

The scope for this contest is:

  • Maximum 6 pages
  • 2 pages appendixes
  • Cover page with name of the business idea, name of the members and contact information. Also state which research topic you have chosen to base your product/service on.

We recommend you to be creative and try to find previously not-thought-of-ideas. When you have found an application area of the technology that you like, try to investigate the potential of it with potential customers, collect feedback and iterate the product/service based on that. Your focus should be on the product idea/commercial application of the technology and the value to the customer.

We want you to use the following headings in your innovation plan:You can now download KTH Innovation’s document with suggestions on how you can make a good market researcher plan:

Market Research.pdf

4. Scope

  • Maximum 6 pages
  • 2 pages appendixes
  • Cover page with name of the business idea , name of the members and contact information.

5. Summary

The business plan should include a short summary (one half to one page) of the innovation plan.

6. Product idea /
commercial application of the technology /
business idea

  • What the possible application areas for the research findings?
  • What area have you chosen and why?
  • Describe the product starting with the research case you have based it on.
  • What needs to be developed/adjusted so that the research case can be a market ready product?

7. Customer and Client satisfaction

  • Who is the customer ?
  • What value does the product add to your customer? What problem does it solve?
  • How does the value-chain look like? Who are the final customers? How is the strength balance between you and your customer?

8. Market

  • What is the market size and growth?
  • Can the size be quantified in number of units, number of customers and total turnover?
  • How are you going to position your product?

9. Market Competition

  • What’s the possible application areas for the research findings? (briefly)
  • What area have you chosen, and why?
  • Describe the product/service, starting with the research case you have based it on.
  • What needs to be developed/adjusted so that it can be a market ready product?
  • Can it be easily scalable?


  • What does the competition look like on the current market? Are there other companies solving the same problem? Who are they in that case? What differentiates your product/service from your competitors?
  • Why should customers choose your product/service instead of the ones offered by the competitors and/or other alternatives?
  • How are you going to position your product?

10. Jury criteria

The jury will assess how well you transform a promising technology into a market ready product. The evaluation will take into account differences between the cases and focus on how well you have developed the product with given conditions. The jury’s decision cannot be appealed.

The Jury will evaluate according to the following criteria:

  • How innovative the application of the technology is
  • How well the business idea corresponds to added customer value
  • How big the commercial potential for the product is
  • How well defined the costumer segment is
  • How grounded the claims for the customer advantages, market and competition are.
  • Scalability of the product

Event schedule 2014

27th March – 12.15 -13.00 : Lunch seminar

Do you want to know more about Excitera Innovation Challenge and find  out how to protect a technical idea? Then you should come to our spring lunch seminar with Awapatent, one of Europe’s leading IP Company. They will show you how the road from an idea to patented product looks like and how to avoid most common mistakes.

Grilled Lebanese wraps and beverages will be served to the first 60 students who show up!

Adress : SingSing, Lindstedtsvägen 30, KTH

28th March – 17.30-19.30: Case Presentation

During this event researcher case for this year’s challenge will be presented.  You will have the chance to ask your questions to the researchers and after the presentation there will be time to mingle with the researchers and other students. This event will be the starting of the challenge! Drinks and snacks will be served.

Adress: SingSing, Lindstedtsvägen 30, KTH


31st March – Deadline for registration!

Register yourself or your team at  innovationchallenge@excitera.se before 23:59.


3rd April  – Deadline to hand in the innovationplans!

Submit your innovationplan at innovationchallenge@excitera.se before 23:59.


9th April -  17.30-23.00: Finals!

Listen to the finalists while they are preforming their elevator pitch for the jury of the challenge and join them for a dinner together with our partners companies. The winner of total 125.000 SEK will be presented and evening will continue with and after party at Café Opera!.

Adress: Reaktorhallen, Drottning Kristinas väg 51

To be sure that you will get a seat for all events, send a mail with your name to Ramona@excitera.se

  • Winners of Excitera Innovation Challenge 2013
  • One of last years hard working teams
  • Another one of last years hard working teams
  • The evening contained piano and a lot of good conversations

Innovation Challenge FAQ

Seven of the most frequently asked questions. If your missing something? Contact us.

1. What is innovation plan?

It is our own term for a brief idea description/business plan that only describes the ide, the need, the prospective consumer, the market and the potential competitors in the market.

2. Who owns the rights for the innovation plan?

The researcher or the company the presents a case owns the rights to the innovation plans that the participants submit to their case, while the participants have a chance to win money. If a team wants to continue working with the idea they have submitted, they must agree with the researcher/company on how to pursue the project further. This is something that we encourage.

3. What critera is the Jury looking at when judging the innovation plans?

The jury how well you have transferred a promising technique to a profitable product. To accommodate a fair competition, the judgment is not based on how promising the researcher’s work is. The jury’s decisions cannot be appealed. The following criteria is looked upon by the jury:

  • How innovatively  the technique is applied.
  • How well the business concept fits the costumer benefit.
  • How big commercial potential is for the product.
  • How well the customer demographic is defined.
  • How well the statements on the costumer benefit, market and competition are motivated.

4. How is the jury evaluation conducted ?

First all the innovation plans are screened so they will fulfill the requirements set up by Excitera Innovation Challenge. After that all plans are submitted to the jury for evaluation and grading.  The plans with the highest grades move on to the final.  Among these the winners will be awarded with prizes at the pitching event during the finals!

5. Scope

  • Maximum 6 pages
  • 2 pages appendixes
  • Cover page with name of the business idea , name of the members and contact information.

6. How do EIC work with
confidentiality questions in regard to the competition?

One of the requirements for the competition is that all the participating innovation plans are kept confidential is. If the participants want more information from the researches, a confidentiality contract has to be signed. When the competition is closed the business idea can be protected  even if has been judged by the jury. Participating teams can decide themselves what can be publicized during the prize ceremony.

7. What happens after the competition?

When the contest is over it is highly probable (and it is something we strongly encourage) that the candidate and the researcher/firm will agree on a way to develop the project further. The purpose of EIC is to encourage cooperation. Such an arrangement can be designed in many ways, it can for example be a joint project where both sides actively involved, it may be that the contestants mainly runs the project forward with a small involvement from the researcher/ company, or in some cases the researcher/company has not interested to be involved but gives the rights of the innovation plan back to the contestants so that they can develop the project further on their own

In some cases, the technologies are panted or protected by other means, and in these cases it must of course be agreed on how to use the protected technology.  This is part of the agreement that the contestants and the researcher/company do if they decide to pursue the project further after final.  KTH Innovation helps with this as part of the follow-up after the competition and is actively working for participants who wish to be able to push forward their projects in an appropriate form.


Excitera Innovation Challenge is a contest where you get the chance to create a business idea based on latest research.

Webbyrå i Eskilstuna, Västerås & Skellefteå


Register yourself or your team at innovationchallenge@excitera.se before 31st March 23:59.

Details for registration

  • Team name / Your name
  • You and your team members (leave blank if you are one sole participator)
  • Your telephone number

When submitting your innovation plan

Attach your projectplan in PDF. ex. “innovationplan.pdf”

If you have any other questions please send them to Nasra@excitera.se and you will get an answer within 24 hours.

We wish you the best of luck!


Excitera Innovation Challenge is a part of Excitera, a student run entrepreneurship association in Stockholm.

Project manager 2014, EIC
Nasra Hassan
E-mail: Nasra@excitera.se
T: 070 0598895

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